What is IPFS?

Interplanetary File System is a new file storage system utilizing a Merkel Dag and DHT technology from torrents. In simple terms, the network can allow neighbors to host and serve files to each other. In theory, they could even earn a bit of money by doing so. Mesh networking exists today as interesting but still experimental implementation of Internet services. Even so, more communities opt for this often cheaper route to distribute broadcast services into communities.

Say you want to download a picture with the IPFS network, but on mars. This becomes a possibility with the way the IPFS network operates. As every file has the same address no matter where it’s located . Once cached into the first nodes on mars, other nodes jump in and also cache (or store) the file and some even pin them (or store permanently).




YouTube; IPFS Explained


How does One Love’s decentralized network do things differently?

We host files on different nodes in locations with extreme reliability and excellent connectivity to our user base. Utilizing Discord, you can backup your videos with a simple command, “!ipfs480”


New to Discord?

That’s okay, we can help you any time via email, text or phone. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Discord software through via the YouTube guide below if you would like to learn the basic steps of setting up a Discord account.

Join Discord to back up your files.